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Turin Outdoor & Bike Park

The Project

The Turin Outdoor and Bike Park (TOP) will be Europe’s largest outdoor park. A park for everyone, from MTB enthusiasts, even in its most extreme specialties, to families with children who just want to enjoy the mountain. A place where everyone is free to express himself, get excited and practice his/her favorite sport. A cableway split into three sectors, able to carry ten people per cabin, or three MTBs and three bikers, starts from the base of the mountain, at about 350 m above sea level, and reaches the summit of the Monte Gregorio, at 1950 meters. There, a breathtaking viewpoint of the Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta mountains will wait our guests. Again, over 100 km of trail for gravity, along the mountainside, into centuries-old forests, without any interference with motor vehicls. More than 200 km of trail for XC and cycle tourism that lead, crossing the Valchiusella, from the top of the mountain towards the valley and the Morainic amphitheater, or, staying at high altitude, towards the Sacred Valley.A restaurant – Hotel, located at the cableway terminal station, built by paying attention to both tradition and innovation. A “green” park where only electric vehicles will circulate, with structures dedicated to the rediscovery of alpine culture and traditions. A park where people ride, go hiking, go climbing, explore the nature and, above all, find their selves. All this is the TOP – Turin Outdoor and Bike Park. I am Ivan Casalatina and I have been working on this project since 2015, together with the administrations of the Municipalities but, to make it come true, I need your help.

Go ride

Unbelievable trails and unique services that will make your experience unforgettable

A cableway above the clouds

From 350 to 1950 mt. with the sections of cableway able to carry 1700 people per hour 

The cableway will bring you and your MTB on the top of Mount Gregorio in just a few minutes. From there, the trails, divided by difficulty, will bring you down among centuries-old woods. The trails are designed for expert bikers and beginners as well

River park

A river park of 18 hectares, with children’s playthings, sport playgrounds and natural trails

Between a bend of the Dora Baltea river and the Renanchio stream, the Turin Outdoor and Bike Park stretches for 18 hectares. An oasis of peace, surrounded by an ancient forrest, with natural trails, equipped with picnic areas and services for outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor escursionismo parco fluviale bike park

Hiking and backpacking

Hiking, trekking and rock climbing.

Immersed in a mountain landscape you can venture for a quiet walk in a place where motor vehicles are not allowed and hearing the sounds of nature. For hiking enthusiasts there are more challenging paths that lead to the nearby valleys of the Valle d’Aosta and Valchiusella, through the peaks of the Alps, even over 2,000 m above sea level, along ancient routes, archaeological areas and breathtaking landscapes.
The park route also borders towards Quincinetto with the GTA -Grande Traversata delle Alpi – 900 km of trails from the Val d’Ossola mountains up to the Ligurian Alps
There are also spaces for rock climbing, with equipped walls, the support of specialized personnel and lots of fun even for the little ones

Outdoor escursionismo parco drink and food

Drink and Food

An hotel – restaurant with 30 rooms and kiosks in each station of the cableway

On the summit of Monte Gregorio, at an altitude of 1950 meters and near the arrival of the cableway terminal station, a restaurant / hotel with 30 rooms will be built. An immersive experience in the park, with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

Former national MTB rider (youth sector)
Former national MTB rider (youth sector)Cindy Casadei
Supports the TOP
Former national MTB coach (gravity sector)
Former national MTB coach (gravity sector)Antonio Silva
Supports the TOP

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